“You came from the stars”: Episode 8 Preview with English


Let’s take a look at the preview for the upcoming episode of SBSYou came from the stars” which will be airing tonight, January 9th, at 10PM (KST).


Hwee Kyung: Who the heck was it who shot you up with whatever drug that was? For you to have no memory of the entire hour! Whoever that guy is, if I catch him, he’s dead meat.

(manga friend?): That guy used his own body to stop the car and then disappeared within 1 second?

Song Yi: Even if it was a dream, it was too realistic. Even if it was a dream, it’s too outrageous. And that’s all.

Jae Kyung: What was that which appeared so suddenly?
Jae Kyung‘s lackey: No idea, can’t fathom it at all.

Min Joon: For the time being, you’ll stay here.
Song Yi: It’s strange, now that I think about it, whenever I’m in trouble, you’re always there for me.

Se Mi: The guy from 11 years ago… I’ve seen him. What would happen if I were to tell SY?


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